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Explore cutting-edge and dependable vaping solutions that empower your business, all available from our California warehouse with swift delivery

  • Trustworthy hardware
  • Reliable supply chain stateside
  • Short lead times
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In the botanical oils industry, you face:

  • Long lead times
  • Hardware failures that delay production
  • Supply chain complications that affect the bottom line
  • Difficulty finding innovative and high-quality vaping solutions

These challenges chip away at your time, energy, and resources, leaving your business in a vulnerable state.

Imagine having a thriving business with vaporizers that work every time

FiftyShot’s™ innovative approach means more money in your pocket

Rocket-speed delivery

Offering on-hand inventory stateside, for fast and efficient delivery.  Low minimum order quantity (MOQ) on website orders.

Top-notch vaping supplies

From vape cartridges and fillers to dab spoons and custom branding, we have everything you need for your vape business under one roof.

Rock-solid support

With FiftyShot™ you’ve got a trusty guide. We know the twists, turns, and tricks of the trade. Our team is in the USA eliminating time zone and language barriers.

Green products mean growth

Many consumers prefer products that have sustainable practices. 66% of consumers will pay more for sustainable brands - Nielsen study.

Overnight hardware branding

Imagine your brand standing out on every shelf, turning heads with every puff. Our custom printing leaves a lasting impression.

Disposable vaporizers, cartidges, batteries and more

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disposable vaporizers & cartidges

Overnight custom hardware branding

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four printed disposable vapes

The Original FiftyShot™ Semi-Automatic Cartridge Filler

  • Fill 50 carts in 5 minutes
  • Works with all oil types
  • Great for small production runs
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semi-automatic cartridge filler
Discover why

Businesses swear by FiftyShot™

Best kept secret

Joe kills it with his premium advice, and with handling my account. I've grown tremendously with his advice and he's never steered me wrong. Veteran, Great guy, and premium support. This is a company I can stand behind.
Honestly I want to be greedy and keep them to myself if I could. Then nobody could compete with me and having them at my back.

Craig Peletz

Reasonably priced, flawless products

Absolutely love this place! The guys at FiftyShot really know what they're doing and offer reasonably priced, flawless products that work amazingly.
Very kind, knowledgeable and always a breath of fresh air. I recommend you guys to everyone!

Tyler Gaytan

Precision for your peace of mind

Depend on our resilient hardware, focus on your business growth

It’s time to expect more from your vape

Transform your business with confidence

Straightforward consultation

Book a free consult and get your hands on product samples.

Hassle-free testing

Discover the firsthand reliability and user-friendly experience of our wholesale vape hardware.

Stress-free inventory solutions

Enjoy peace of mind as orders are shipped within 24 hours from our California warehouse.

Stop wasting time and money

Experience reliable results fast

The botanical oils industry can be a tough nut to crack.

FiftyShot™ is not just another reseller. We are the factory with complete oversight, ensuring top quality on every product.

Our signature low failure rates and fast turnaround times make us the perfect solution for CEOs and Lab Managers seeking innovation, reliability, and partnership.

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We are your reliable ally

For superior vaping supplies that drive your business
forward, fast:

  • Elevate your brand with custom products and branding services
  • Rely on high-quality hardware with fast delivery times
  • Reduce hardware failures and keep customers coming back

Your journey to stress-free inventory management and financial freedom starts here. What are you waiting for?

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