The Patriot Vaporizer

Made in America, Conquering the Clouds

FiftyShot™ offers the Patriot Disposable Vaporizer, the first botanical extract vaporizer made in the USA

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Choose American quality

Made in California

Savor rich flavors

Get lost in the clouds

Personalized touch

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Step into the new age of vaping with the Patriot

Dazzling from the drawing board to your hand, our Patriot vaporizer is more than a device.

It is the epitome of top-tier American engineering, designed specifically for botanical extracts.

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Enough with disappointing vapes

You're a botanical extract enthusiast, not a novice. You understand the difference between a mediocre
vaping experience and an exceptional one.

It's time to say goodbye to disappointing vaporizers that leave
your client unsatisfied.

Immerse yourself in a cloud of satisfaction

Imagine inhaling dense, velvety clouds that fill your senses and savoring flavors so rich, they'll dance on your tongue.

That's the Patriot experience.

Experience the art of American craftsmanship in vaping

The Patriot isn't just a vaporizer, it's a testament to American craftsmanship with two patents pending.

design for your ultimate vaping pleasure.

Unbeatable combo:the Patriot reliability + your custom branding

We merge top-notch performance with your unique identity, delivering success straight to your doorstep in just 1-3 days.

Dominate the marketplace with speed, quality, and distinction.

Discover why vapers are raving about the Patriot

Domestically produced, impressive results

"As a veteran, I have a deep appreciation for products made in the USA, and the Patriot by FiftyShot stands out. Not only does it produce massive clouds, but my customers absolutely love it. It’s great to support a product that's domestically produced and delivers such impressive results!"


Take pride in using a top-tier, American-made vaporizer

  • Savor the rich, vibrant flavors of your favorite botanical extracts
  • Enjoy the convenience and quality of a customizable, American-made vaporizer
  • Discover the difference of our innovative nano-pore ceramic heating element

Are you ready to take your vaping to the next level? Choose the Patriot.

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