Vape smarter, save the planet

Make every puff count. With FiftyShot™’s sustainable products, you’re choosing a cleaner, greener future.

Go Green Now

Lessen CO2 emissions

Vape guilt-free

Disrupt plastic cycle

Vaping’s popularity has surged, but at what cost to Mother Earth?

With every puff, non-biodegradable waste multiplies and carbon footprints expand.

We’ve hit the tipping point - and your choices matter.

Step into a cleaner vaping future

With FiftyShot™’s sustainable products, every puff is a step towards a sustainable future. No more guilt, just pure vaping pleasure that aligns with your eco-conscious values.

The future of vaping isn’t just green, it’s FiftyShot™’s sustainable products.

Eco Friendly Packaging
Hemp Reinforced Plastic Tips

Vaping reimagined, for the planet’s sake.

We’ve broken the mold with our vape devices.

  • By eliminating traditional Printed Circuit Boards and reducing lithium usage, we’re cutting down electronic waste and carbon emissions.
  • Our hemp-reinforced plastic not only reduces plastic consumption but also decomposes within three years.
  • Batteries are easily removed and recycled.

We get it, you want to make a positive impact.

We’re here to help.

At FiftyShot™, we’re committed to crafting solutions that cater to your vaping needs without harming the environment.

FiftyShot™: The eco-vaper’s top pick

Kind to the planet, proud to support

 "I'm really into eco-friendly products, so finding the URTH2 was a win for me. It's biodegradable and kind to the planet, which I love, but it also performs incredibly well. It handles every oil we throw at it with ease-best of both worlds. Super impressed and glad to support such a cool initiative."


Start going green in three steps:

Show your commitment by choosing sustainable products

Delve into our range of sustainable vape supplies and pick your ally.

Revel in eco-conscious vaping

Unleash the smooth, guilt-free vaping experience that FiftyShot™ offers.

Be the change, share the change

Somebody contributing and starting to go green and help the earth.

Elevate your vaping, lower your carbon footprint

With FiftyShot™, you can:
  • Shrink your carbon footprint with our lithium-efficient batteries
  • Make a lasting impact by minimizing plastic waste
  • Advocate for sustainable materials with our hemp-reinforced plastic
  • Make every puff count towards a cleaner planet