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AVEO™ Industrial Series Easy-Press Body

AVEO™ Industrial Series Easy-Press Body

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The Easy-press combines a glass tank and a low torque press on capping solution that doesn't require additional equipment (i.e. arbor press.) This design has been adopted by many of today's leading vape brand manufacturers seeking maximum workflow efficiency, the purity of glass and child resistance.

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Safety First: Setting Industry Standards At the core of our commitment is safety. We start with alloys that are 10 times cleaner than what our competitors use. This meticulous approach ensures our customers never have to worry about meeting stringent state lab testing requirements. Our cartridges undergo rigorous testing, backed by our proprietary formulation, to guarantee safety at every level.

Reliable Excellence: Proven Track Record With over 40 million cartridges produced for top-tier brands, our reputation for reliability speaks for itself. We boast the industry's lowest failure rates, a testament to our unwavering standards. Even our competitors recognize our commitment to excellence, thanks to our complete control over the entire manufacturing process.

Peak Performance: Precision and Consistency Our cutting-edge heating technology has been finely tuned to deliver unparalleled precision and consistency. Say goodbye to concerns about leakage, clogging, or flavor distortion – our cartridges make these worries a thing of the past. This way, you can concentrate on what truly matters: your oils.

Universal Compatibility: Our products are designed to be compatible with regular 510 thread batteries. For those using thicker oils, we recommend opting for a battery with pre-heat capabilities. This ensures a seamless hit, even if the oil requires a bit of warming up before use.

We recommend a battery with a pre-heat ability for viscous oils to ensure a smooth hit in case the oil needs to be heated up before use. 


Mouthpiece (Choose Between):

  • Black Ceramic - Flat/Barrel
  • White Ceramic - Flat/Barrel
  • Hemp Plastic - Flat/Barrel

Mouthpiece Type: Press on


Aperture Holes:

Count: 100 Units/Box



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