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EV2 Vape Cartridge (California Logo)

EV2 Vape Cartridge (California Logo)

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EV2 cartridge now on sale. With or without the “CA” logo.
Great D8 and Live Rosin cart.

Regular price $2.49 each. While supplies last!

Packaged 100 carts per box.
White ceramic mouthpiece
Adjustable air flow
.5 ml glass cartridge tank
1.5 aperture holes (4)
1.2 ohms
Standard 510 universal thread fits most batteries. Requires a button battery.


This new iconic vaporizer is inspired by the distinct lines of the Bugatti Chiron Supercar and embodies absolute luxury. The EV2 is crafted using only the highest quality materials in our RoHS and GMP certified facilities. It's removable Stainless Steel center post guarantees heavy metal compliance worldwide while it's Pyrex glass ensures your customers will see the quality of your fine oils through its crystal clear tank. The micropore ceramic coil gently vaporizes your precious oils allowing your customers to taste the authentic flavor profiles of the plant. With its unique removable center post, you will fill your cartridges with ease while also reducing waste.


Tank Volume: 0.5ml
Tank Material: Pyrex Glass
Mouthpiece: Ceramic
Oil Inlet: 2.0mm
Heating Element: Micropore Ceramic
Resistance: 1.2 ohm (customizable)
Center Post: Stainless Steel
0.5 ml Dimensions (without rubber guards): Length: 56.7mm x Diameter: 11.36mm
0.5 ml Dimensions (with rubber guards): Length: 58.7mm x Diameter: 11.36mm
1.0 ml Dimensions (without rubber guards): Length: 68.8mm x Diameter: 11.36mm
1.0 ml Dimensions (with rubber guards): Length: 70.8mm x Diameter: 11.36mm
CAT III Approved: Yes (batch tests available)


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