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AVEO - URTH1 Disposable Vaporizer

AVEO - URTH1 Disposable Vaporizer

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How do you perfect a disposable?

You give it out-of-this-world flavor delivery and make it gentler on the environment. The Urth1 All-In-One combines breakthrough airflow design enhanced by the AVEO™ Helix mouthpiece for astonishing flavor. The same device is designed for a half or full gram. You decide. And so there’s no wasted oil, the Stem features a rechargeable battery.

The Urth1 uses up to 15% less plastic. While an enzyme agent enhances the action of naturally occurring soil microbes to digest the remaining plastic within years, once discarded. Automation is a breeze. Fill 30 at a time, and cap 15-30 with one-touch capping.

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