How to Tell If a Cart Is Fake or Real?

How to Tell If a Cart Is Fake or Real?

Have you ever wondered if the vape cartridge you're about to use is genuine or a dangerous counterfeit? How can you be sure it's safe and not fake?     

To determine if a vape cartridge is fake or real, check for key details such as high-quality packaging with no misspellings, manufacturing and packing dates, license numbers, batch/lot numbers, and a QR code linked to lab test results.

In this blog post, we'll explain how to tell if a cart is fake, the differences in the high and taste between real and fake carts, and what to look for in the color of the oil. Stay informed and vape safely!

Understanding Vape Cartridges

Before diving into the specifics, it's crucial to understand what a vape cartridge is. A vape cart is a pre-filled container with substances meant for vaporization, such as cannabis or CBD oil. These carts connect to a battery that heats the substance, turning it into vapor for inhalation. Inside the cartridge, a ceramic coil acts as a wick to absorb the liquid and has a metal heating coil embedded within it. When the battery energizes the metal coil, it heats the ceramic to a precise temperature, vaporizing the oil without actually burning it. This process ensures a smooth and flavorful experience.

Signs of a Fake Cart

Here are the key signs to look at:

1. Packaging

  • Misspellings and Poor Print Quality: Check for any spelling mistakes, inconsistent fonts, or low-quality printing. Legitimate cartridge brands invest in high-quality packaging.
  • No Verification Codes: Many reputable brands include QR codes or unique serial numbers on their packaging, which you can easily verify on their official websites. 

2. Logos and Branding

  • Incorrect or Outdated Logos: Compare the logo on the cart with the latest version on the brand's official website. Counterfeit products often have outdated or slightly altered logos.

  • Suspicious Brand Names: Be wary of brands you haven't heard of or that don't have an online presence. Research the brand to ensure its legitimacy.

3. Lab Test Results

  • Lack of Testing Information: Authentic carts often have lab test results confirming the product's quality and authenticity. The absence of this information can be a red flag.

4. Price

  • Too Good to Be True: Extremely low prices can signify counterfeit products. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. At FiftyShot™, we offer a wide range of cartridges at competitive prices.

5. Hardware:

  • Low-Quality Materials: Fake carts often use cheap materials. Check for any signs of poor craftsmanship, like leaking, odd smells, or unusual colors in the liquid.

What Does a Fake Cart High Feel Like?

  1. Inconsistent Effects: A fake cart high may feel different each time, unlike the consistent experience with carts from a reputable lab tested source.

  2. Strange Sensations: Due to carrier oils, users often report unusual effects such as dizziness, headaches, or nausea when using counterfeit carts.

  3. Variable Potencies: The potency can be unpredictably weak or unnaturally strong, indicating poor quality control, lack of lab testing or undesirable contaminants.

What Do Fake Carts Taste Like?

The taste of a cart also provides clues about its authenticity. Be vigilant about:

  • Taste: Genuine carts will have a consistent, smooth, and flavorful taste. If the taste is harsh, unpleasant, or has a chemical-like aftertaste, it may be fake.

  • Throat Hit: A real cart will provide a satisfying throat hit that is tastewise moderate (neither mild nor harsh). If the throat hit feels overpowering or lacks the expected sensation, it could be a sign of a counterfeit product.

  • Vapor Production: Genuine carts will produce a satisfying amount of vapor. If the vapor production is significantly less than expected or feels "off," it may be fake.

Real vs. Fake Carts Color

  • Oil Color: Authentic carts usually have a clear, golden, or amber-colored oil. Fake carts can have oil that looks too dark, cloudy, discolored, or unpleasant.

  • Consistency: The oil in real carts should be consistent and not too runny. Fake carts might have uneven or unusual oil consistency.

Is Your Vape Cart Tested and Approved?

When purchasing a vape cart, confirming that it has been tested and approved for safety and quality is imperative. Reputable brands like FiftyShot™ AVEO usually provide third-party lab test results that confirm the quality of the carts.

Additionally, they ensure it is free from harmful substances such as: 

  • Pesticides
  • Heavy metals 
  • Residual solvents

These lab reports can be found on the brand's official website or through a QR code on the packaging.

Ensure the lab tests check for oil purity and contaminants. Products that have undergone rigorous testing will display these certifications prominently, often as a part of their marketing. 

If this information is not available or if the seller cannot provide lab results, it is advisable to avoid the product as it may be unsafe or counterfeit.

For more detailed guidance, always check reliable resources or directly contact the brand's customer service to verify the vape cart's authenticity and safety.

Additional Tips for Spotting Fake Carts

  1. Purchase from Reputable Sources: Always buy from a trusted cartridge wholesaler or the brand's official website to avoid counterfeit products.

  2. Research and Reviews: Look up reviews and feedback from other users to determine the reliability of the product and seller.

  3. Brand Authentication Tools: Utilize any verification tools the brand provides, such as online authenticity checks or customer service verification.


Following these guidelines can significantly reduce the risk of purchasing a fake cart. You must prioritize your health and safety by ensuring that your products are safe and legitimate.

For more information on identifying counterfeit vape products, visit FiftyShot™, where you can stay informed about the latest trends and safety tips in the vaping industry.

Keep in mind that the key to a safe and enjoyable vaping experience lies in your ability to identify and avoid fake cartridges. Stay informed, stay cautious, and vape responsibly.

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