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Unite Vapeware

EV1-D Disposable Vaporizor

EV1-D Disposable Vaporizor

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Unite Vapeware created an all-in-one disposable vape pen that quickly became an icon. The EV1 embodies functional luxury while producing thick vapor clouds with an authentic flavor profile to highlight your fine oils.The EV1 is built using only the highest quality materials in our RoHS and GMP certified facilities. It's Stainless Steel center post guarantees heavy metal compliance worldwide while it's Pyrex glass ensures your customers will see the quality of your fine oils through its crystal clear tank. The micropore ceramic coil gently vaporizes your precious oils allowing your customers to taste the authentic flavor profiles of the plant. With its rechargeable 400mAh battery, you’ll never have to throw away a pen with oil still in the tank again. Custom print is available with as short as 24 hour turn time.

Tank Volume: 0.3ml / 0.5ml / 1.0ml
Tank Material: Pyrex Glass
Mouthpiece: Ceramic / Wood / Custom
Oil Inlet: 1.6mm / 2.0mm / Custom
Heating Element: Micropore Ceramic
Resistance: 1.6 ohm / Custom
Center Post: Stainless Steel
Battery Capacity: 400mAh
Battery Voltage: 3.7v
Rechargeable: Yes
0.5 ml Dimensions (without rubber guards): Length: 124.6mm x Diameter: 10.5mm
0.5 ml Dimensions (with rubber guards): Length: 125.33mm x Diameter: 11mm
1.0 ml Dimensions (without rubber guards): Length: 134.9mm x Diameter: 10.5mm
1.0 ml Dimensions (with rubber guards): Length: 135.7mm x Diameter: 11mm
CAT III Approved: Yes (batch tests available)
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