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AVEO 1 ml - Luminous Series Easy-Press Body

AVEO 1 ml - Luminous Series Easy-Press Body

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Artisan Excellence: Crafted to Perfection

Your finely crafted oils deserve nothing but the best. That's why we've gone above and beyond to source the purest medical-grade zirconia, meticulously molded with exquisite precision. When combined with our advanced heating technology, the result is an "out of this world" intensity of terpenes with every smooth draw. Don't settle for cheaper imitations that can't deliver consistent performance.

Unmatched Flavor Experience: Thanks to our cutting-edge heating technology, we take the intensity of terpenes to an entirely new level with each silky draw. Only the most discerning oil brands truly appreciate the difference we bring to the table.

Supreme Presentation: When you have exceptional oil, it deserves a presentation that reflects its excellence. Our Pearly white zirconia, encased in premium lead-free glass, adorned with gold trim, and crafted with absolute precision, offers a red carpet experience like no other.

Universal Compatibility: Our products are compatible with regular 510 thread batteries. For those using viscous oils, we recommend a battery with pre-heat capabilities to ensure a smooth hit, especially if the oil requires a bit of warming before use.


  • Premium medical grade zirconia center post and cartridge build
  • AVEO ® Technology atomizer
  • Top loading, compatible with most filling machines
  • Capable for mass filling and mass capping
  • Tamper-proof, Easy thumb press-fit, locking mouthpiece
  • 0.5mL / 1.0mL capacity, 1.5mm aperture
  • Multiple mouthpiece materials and shapes to choose from
  • Compatible with all major bulk filling machines. 
  • Vape Jet programed and approved.
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