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JonezyArtwork X Unite
Unite has collabed with famed street artist JonezyArtwork for our first release in the "Unite Artist Collection".  

JonezyArtwork X Unite is an exclusive hand-painted collection of his works specially painted on the highest quality vape hardware in the world. 

Starting his art career with the overwhelming need to leave his mark on society Jonezy joined the ranks of the thriving 90's west coast graffiti scene.

Fast forward 30 years and that desire to leave his mark on society still lives on. Jonezy has successfully transitioned into gallery work, showcasing his unique character style in galleries around the world.  


The All Seeing Dab Pyramid in The Sky
JonezyArtwork X Unite's first release: 
Dab Pyramid 

In order to get the great detail and vivid color required for this piece, we used a proprietary 7 step process. The technique required much of it to be done by hand, but the end result speaks for itself. 

There is and has been nothing like it on the market.