Jonezy X Unite - Dab Pyramid - EV1-C Vape Cartridge

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JonezyArtwork X Unite
EV1-C Vape Cartridge
Unite is pleased to announce the international release of the special edition EV1-C vape cartridge designed by famed street artist JonezyArtwork. This is the first release in our new product line, Unite Artist Collection, a collaboration with the hottest emerging artists.
All Seeing Dab Pyramid
The Dab Pyramid was hand-painted by none other than the infamous JonezyArtwork. This piece is Jonezy's take on the Eye of Providence, most famously seen on the $1 dollar bill but is drenched in conspiracy and dates back to at least the early 1500's. From bottom to top, you'll see the stainless steel body is painted to represent a blue sky and clouds to bring height and elevation to the piece. The all-seeing Dab Pyramid is then painted on the pyrex glass tank and is surrounded by vapor clouds with JonezyArtwork's signature tag. Finally to cap it how we have a blue enameled ceramic mouthpiece.
Starting his art career with the overwhelming need to leave his mark on society Jonezy joined the ranks of the thriving 90's west coast graffiti scene.
Fast forward 30 years and that desire to leave his mark on society still lives on. Jonezy has successfully transitioned into gallery work, showcasing his unique character style in galleries around the world.  
The EV1-C was selected as the medium for JonezyArtwork's first piece, and for good reason. The EV1-C is recognized as one of the best all-around vaporizer cartridges in the world. It has a classic aesthetic design and was designed from the ground up with quality and user experience in mind. The highest quality materials were used to manufacture this cartridge to the strictest protocols in our RoHS and GMP certified facilities. Our patented ceramic material was specifically designed to perfectly vaporize your oil without overheating and burning it giving the user the perfect experience with an authentic flavor profile. The quality, user experience, and failure rate are unparalleled. 
Unite Artist Collection
Blurring the lines between ART and CART
Unite has collaborated with the world's leading emerging artists to bring you exclusive limited-edition collaborations, unlike anything the industry has ever seen. 
In order to get the great detail and vivid color required for these pieces, we used a proprietary 7 step process. The technique requires much of it to be done by hand, but the end result speaks for itself. Each piece is truly unique. 

There is and has been nothing like it on the market.
Tank Volume: 1.0ml (customizable)
Tank Material: Pyrex Glass
Mouthpiece: Blue Enameled Ceramic
Oil Inlet: 1.6mm (customizable)
Heating Element: Micropore Ceramic
Resistance: 1.6 (customizable)
Center Post: Stainless Steel
Dimensions (without rubber guards): Length: 61.8mm x Diameter: 10.6mm
Dimensions (with rubber guards): Length: 64mm x Diameter: 11.3mm
CAT III Approved: Yes (batch tests available)